Licensed Professional Counselor (Owner)

Life can be hard and unfair from time to time. My desire is to provide the skills, direction, clarity and a sense of control when life is turned upside down. Counseling is not just a job for me but, a passion. I enjoy helping those who are ready to move forward but may not know how or feel like they are unable. Each person is different, and I enjoy the challenge of working through what seems like impossible hurdles to clients at the time. After the hard work of investing in oneself, clients often enjoy feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction when their lives change for the better, as they overcome those hurdles.

Interesting facts about me include 14 years’ service in the United States Air Force, a Master of Arts in Counseling, and a license in professional counseling. I have extensive experience in assisting clients struggling with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem and borderline personality disorder. I developed and taught a Cognitive Behavioral curriculum that is now standard practice since 2017 in three counties adult probation departments, Amarillo TX.

My philosophy is “there’s no way out but through”. I offer my clients a helping hand through life’s disappointments, changes, challenges and outright catastrophes. I regularly witness people do more than they ever thought they could! You don’t have to “go it alone”. When you’re ready for change, I’m here to help.

About DFWLPC Psychotherapy

(Dallas Fort Worth Licensed Professional Counseling)

You shouldn't have to suffer! While pain is a part of life, suffering doesn't have to be.

I'm here to help you acquire the critical skills you need to navigate through life's demands. My heartfelt mission is to help you be your best self!

DFWLPC provides psychotherapy counseling online to all Texans & in-person for individuals or groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Established by Chiffon Samuel in 2023, DFWLPC LLC is a private mental health practice of very experienced and highly skilled licensed medical professionals. I am proud to have helped hundreds of Texans improve their lives, alleviate their suffering, achieve wellbeing, and thrive!

Did you know psychotherapy is also called mental health therapy, talk therapy, counseling, psycho-social therapy, or simply 'therapy'? It is a type of treatment that aims to help individuals identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Therapy based treatment works best when you collaborate with a talented and experienced licensed mental health professional. I join you on a compassionate journey of self-exploration with the ultimate aim of healing. Everyone is different, treatment technique, goals, duration, and frequency are personalized just for you.

I am proud to have helped people from all walks of life. I provide a safe space regardless of ethnicity, politics, race, religion, or sexual preference. I help clients feel comfortable to openly and freely express their private thoughts and feelings during their session. Confidentiality in therapy is safeguarded by our team and by federal law (see HIPAA).

Prioritize your mental health, let me help you live your best life!