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Caleb is a bright little boy who grapples with an upsetting negative thought. Follow Caleb through the process of a negative thought influencing his mood and controlling the course of his entire day.  The workbook includes a guided therapeutic exercise, drawing, and coloring pages!

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Lets Talk! Conversation Cards:

Building strong, healthy connections is integral to our overall quality of life. My conversation cards are a great tool for pushing past the superficial and into authenticity. Participants are invited to expand on every question by asking why or how. It is my hope that you never finish the deck because you're too engrossed in great conversations.


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Exercise Worksheet:

Many first-time clients show up to their initial session with no idea what to expect. This worksheet will guide you on how to prepare. Talk therapy works best when the client enters the therapeutic relationship with openness. Use the acronym O.P.E.N to prepare for your first counseling session.

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Exercise Worksheet:

This acronym is a technique for finding joy and balance in the life you have now. It forces you to be observant through a positive perspective.


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Exercise Worksheet:

We can change our negative self-image by redirecting our focus and behaviors to things we respect. The more time we spend making choices we respect the higher our self-esteem rises. I call these healthy choices “esteem-able acts."


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